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After 14 years, a new printed Amiga magazine is back in the UK. Check out all the issues we've already published!

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What's in the latest issue?

This issue we're delving deep into another legendary Amiga company, speaking to the minds behind Core Design. Before they got big with Tomb Raider, Core were pumping out classics on our favourite platform!

Also in Issue 14:

Reviews from two ends of the spectrum - brand new platformer Duckstroma and newly rediscovered 1994 game Riamel: Black Prophecy

An interview with ex-Amiga Power writer Tim Tucker

Discover how an Amiga was used to write a whole novel

A Public Domain special with Matthew Smith

Ravi continues his look into MorphOS with a deeper dive into the software

Classic game reviews covering Rise of the Robots and OnEscapee

Ever fancied learning to code in C? We've got a tutorial to get you started!

h0ffman's back with a look at Amiga music disks

And much more!

Issue 14 Amiga Addict magazine
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