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After 14 years, a new printed Amiga magazine is back in the UK. Check out all the issues we've already published!

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What's in the latest issue?

This issue we're been talking to alumni from the UK's foremost purveyor of Amiga productivity software, Digita International. Did you do your homework on Wordworth, catalogue your music collection with Datastore, or keep track of your social life with Organiser? We did, and we explore it here!

Also in Issue 15:

A full review of eagerly awaited dungeon crawler Black Dawn Technomage

Gareth does a deep dive on Vista Pro animation

Previews on upcoming games Scourge of the Underkind, Guardian - The Legend of Flaming Sword and CyberPunks 2

We have a chat with Prince from Phaze101 about the whys and wherefores of Amiga assembly

h0ffman looks into the latest demo productions

A look back at The Secret of Monkey Island as the newest entry in the series heads to our screens

And much much more!

Issue 15 Amiga Addict magazine
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