Advertise your
product or company with Amiga Addict

Amiga Addict have a circulation currently of 900+ readers. We provide a fantastic way to showcase your product or service to a passionate audience of Amiga computer users, technology enthusiasts and retro gamers. Our advertising includes:

Full page, Half page and Quarter page advertising opportunities.

For current advertising rates please contact us.

If your advertisement is Amiga-specific it will also qualify for a half-price discount.

There is an additional 5% off if you take advertising for 6 issues, and 10% off if you advertise for 12 issues.*

We hope you are interested in being featured as an early advertiser with Amiga Addict, to help give the magazine a really good start and put your product or service in front of Amiga users.
*Amiga Addict aim to publish each month. Amiga Addict are a small dedicated team, which means in reality sometimes issues may be less frequent until we are able to build up to a regular monthly release schedule. This is why Amiga Addict offer reader subscriptions and advertisements per number of allocated issues rather than by a set time period.

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