Bienvenue dans l'édition française d'Amiga Addict!

3 May, 2024
Any Amigan worth their salt knows that the world of Amiga gaming spans the globe, with games, tech and brilliant minds coming from countries including the USA, the UK, Germany, Poland and Spain. Even far flung places like New Zealand have had their hand in the popularity of our favourite platform.

But as a British magazine, there's a source of Amiga goodness much closer to home - just a short hop across the channel, our French neighbours put together some of the best games on the platform. So it's about time we turned our attention to the east and gave some credit where it's due. Luckily, magazine regular Matthew Smith is on the case - he's spoken to such legends as Éric Chahi of Another World fame and François Lionet, creator of AMOS to get the inside track of les jeux français, alongside many others. So check out our huge feature on the very best from the French Connection!
Continuing our French theme this issue, we also look at Delphine classic Future Wars, comedy wargame North and South and quirky puzzler Extase, including an exclusive player guide to get you into the game (since there's only French manuals out there!). And we take a look at the new demoscene artbook from French publishers Éditions 64K. We even have our very first landscape cover, cos, well, the Tricolore just doesn't look the same in portrait mode, now does it?

Also in this issue:
🥖 Review of the newly revitalised Final Fight Enhanced
🥖 h0ffman reports back from another successful Revision demoparty
🥖 We interview Ravenlordess about Amiga cosplay
🥖 Getting into Amiga CD media with a Sony Vaio CD drive
🥖 A look back at the unique Bodega Bay case for the A500
🥖 Batch processing animation with ImageFX
🥖 And all your usual regulars and favourites!


Available now at, or in stores from 2nd May.


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