Let out a howl for the latest Amiga Addict!

6 February, 2024

It's time for another deep dive into an Amiga classic in the latest issue of Amiga Addict. This issue guest writer Graham Pembrey talks to Rick Dangerous creator Simon Phipps about his shapeshifting platformer Wolfchild. We get behind the scenes and understand why Simon moved from cartoony classics to something a bit darker and more brooding. Simon also kindly provides another awesome original AA cover!

Also in Issue 27:

🐺 We talk to Anthony and Nicola Caulfield about their new Amiga documentary

🐺 We find out why jotd666 is so keen on porting classic arcade games to the Amiga

🐺 New game C64 - The Mysterious Cassette reviewed

🐺 Reviews of classic games Alfred Chicken and Moonstone

🐺 Matthew Smith takes a look at the world of budget games

🐺 A look at cool audio device BassMX

🐺 Ravi looks at how you can bring a bit of Amiga to your iPhone

🐺 All your other regular features and much more!


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