Begin Year 4 of Amiga Addict with Aminet...

24 December, 2023

Can you believe it? Amiga Addict has been around for three whole years! And as we start into our fourth year, we're showing no signs of letting up - there's so much to cover. So if you'll allow us, we'll get right on with Amiga Addict Issue 26...

And we're not starting on a small one either - this is one of our most important cover features so far! This issue, AA regular David Crookes looks into the legendary software archive, Aminet. If you've spent any time at all online with the Amiga, you will have definitely spent some time at Aminet. And thanks to the CD releases, even if you've never been online, the chances are you've benefited from its vast software library. Founder Urban Müller tells us all about how the site came about and the challenges it faced to become, at one time, the largest software archive on the internet - on any format!

Also in Issue 26:

🌍 Games editor James puts new shooter Reshoot Proxima 3 through its paces, and Ian looks at Ooze: The Escape
🌍 We reveal the results of our inaugural Readers Survey
🌍 Ian talks to the man behind the amazing video resource
🌍  Gareth continues his look at animation in Imagine in this issue's Creative Revolution
🌍  Ravi takes a look at the options for PowerPC laptops
🌍  Your regular dose of classic gaming with looks at Bob's Bad Day, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters and Dragon's Lair
🌍 h0ffman is here as always with some top notch modern releases from the demoscene
🌍 All your other regular features and much more!


As always, you can get your copy online at, or you can head down to the shops on the 28th December to see in the New Year with a fresh new AA!


The History Of Aminet - Amiga Addict magazine 2024 - Issue 26
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