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After 14 years a new printed UK Amiga magazine

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Issue 1, 14th December 2020

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Welcome to the Amiga Magazine Scene

Pagestream 4.0 & 5.1
 Software Review

Raspberry Pi Amiga 
600 Hardware Mod

Issue 1

Dave Haynie

A fascinating interview with legendary Chief Commodore Amiga Engineer. The guy behind the Amiga 4000. We chat about cancelled plans, prototypes and what could have been.

Amiga Bill

Founder of The Westchester Amiga User Group (1988). Bill is now a professional videographer and huge Amiga fan! We chat with him about the Amiga community & his background.

Kim Justice

Retro Gamer writer, all-round video game reviewer and historian. Kim takes us for a trip down memory lane. With a stunning 3-page article.


Enjoying your Amiga can be a complex hobby. We ease the learning curve with fantastic tutorials. Issue 1 includes a guide on preparing your Compact Flash memory card for Amiga use.

Don't Copy That Floppy, Piracy Lookback

Piracy, whether you love it or hate it. It's part of the Amiga Culture. We look at the groups, cracktros, raids and how it all worked.

Look back at the mags of the Past

We pay tribute to the mags of the past. AA talks about UK magazine culture and what made it unique. Also, why do we need a new UK Amiga mag in 2020?
AA is a new monthly Amiga magazine. It is printed in full colour A4, and is available in both print and digital download versions. We aim to provide a fun, engaging magazine to reflect the modern Amiga scene. 

How does it work?

AA is an independent grassroots publication fuelled by love for the Amiga.

For this new Amiga magazine to launch and go to print we need at least 500 pre-orders to justify print costs, staffing and to get an idea of the readership.

You can order a single issue or subscribe.

We have hit our target pre-order total of 500 readers for Issue 1 

Readers who subscribe for Print Issues also get the Digital Download version included free in their subscription.

NOTE: Image of a floppy disk on the front cover is for humorous effect - no actual Cover Disk is included but may be considered in the future.
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Who is behind Amiga Addict ?

Amiga Addict is an independent magazine set up by Amiga users and worked on using Amiga Hardware. We aim to cover all aspects of 'Amiga' and 'Amiga-like' systems in the modern world.  The idea of this magazine is to engage the wider retro community, giving them the experience of  a UK-based Amiga magazine. We aim to support other magazines out there (who are doing a great job) such as Amiga Future. More magazines and diversity means more fun! We hope the magazine will be self-sufficient funded by advertising and readers.

Amiga Users

We want your articles! The Amiga community is growing and we would love to add community voices to the mag!

Jonah Naylor

Editor, Graphic Designer & Writer  Jonah has a strong background in printed media. He came up with Amiga Addict and got us all together!
Jonah Naylor - Amiga Addict magazine editor

Ravi Abbott

Deputy Editor, Researcher & Writer  
Ravi has conducted over 240 interviews for The Retro Hour Podcast. He's hosted panels and talks world-wide. 

James Walker

Games Reviewer & Writer 
James has played more games than Billy Mitchell. He's in charge of our regular reviews section.

Ian Griffiths

Writer & Community Correspondent 
Ian is a well-known streamer, gamer & active Amiga scenester. An all-round talent.
Ian Griffiths - Amiga Addict magazine

Hannah Clark

Advertising Manager & Proof Reader 
Hannah loves to whip out her old A500 and create a database of advertisers on it.
Hannah Clark - Amiga Addict magazine UK

Twitter Feed

Who remembers all those Amiga Magic packs that were sold for years at shows. Petro Tyschtschenko ex president of Amiga apparently found a load in India a few years back!

2 this documentary looks fantastic and is being made by some of our Amiga friends. The Kickstarter is just about to end. Let’s make this happen!

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