Christmastime in the Pond!

8 November, 2023

It's time for Christmas Amiga Addict once again! This year we've headed off to Santa's Workshop by way of the biggest game to feature it - James Pond 2: RoboCod. Our cover feature this issue is all about Millennium Interactive and their range of awesome games, both fish-related or otherwise. We also have a bunch of other festive features - we've been out to speak to some Amiga icons about their memories of making games around Christmas, Stoo Cambridge has Christmas commentary in his column, and even Creative Revolution has us animating presents in Imagine!

As if that wasn't enough, we're continuing our winning trend of virtual coverdisks with a demo of Zooperdan's new platform game featuring community legend AmigaBill! What a gift!

Merry Christmas everyone! The magazine will be available in just a couple of short weeks, or you can ensure it's ready for your Christmas stocking by pre-ordering it right now on our site at

Also in Issue 25:

🎄 Reviews of new Amiga games Pleiades 3D and NIGHT/SHIFT
🎄 Classic gaming with Flashback and Roadkill
🎄 Web hosting on Amiga with our Bambi Amiga interview
🎄 An interview with Amiga Action's Brian Sharp
🎄 A look at A600 accelerator cards
🎄 We marvel at the technical innovation behind the ReA4091 SCSI Host Adapter for your big box Amiga
🎄 The next instalment of our AMOS tutorial
🎄 All your regular features and much more!

Check it out right now!

Millennium - James Pond RoboCod -Amiga Addict magazine - issue 25 Christmas 2023
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