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Let out a howl for the latest Amiga Addict!

It's time for another deep dive into an Amiga classic in the latest issue of Amiga Addict. This issue guest writer Graham Pembrey talks to Rick Dangerous creator Simon Phipps about his shapeshifting platformer Wolfchild. We get behind the scenes and understand why Simon moved from cartoony classics to something a bit darker and more […]

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Begin Year 4 of Amiga Addict with Aminet...

Can you believe it? Amiga Addict has been around for three whole years! And as we start into our fourth year, we're showing no signs of letting up - there's so much to cover. So if you'll allow us, we'll get right on with Amiga Addict Issue 26... And we're not starting on a small […]

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AA Readers Survey Results 2023

This year we did our very first Readers Survey - it was a good exercise and gave us a lot to think about! But when it comes to featuring that information in the magazine, there's only so much space... and we're not trying to look like the official magazine of the Office of National Statistics! […]

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