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Christmastime in the Pond!

It's time for Christmas Amiga Addict once again! This year we've headed off to Santa's Workshop by way of the biggest game to feature it - James Pond 2: RoboCod. Our cover feature this issue is all about Millennium Interactive and their range of awesome games, both fish-related or otherwise. We also have a bunch […]

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Happy Birthday CD32!

It's interesting that in the modern day, some devices have come to be seen in a much more favourable light, years after release. Take the CD32 - today, it's somewhat respected as a great retro device - especially when upgraded with a modern card like the Terrible Fire 330. So on it's 30th anniversary, we […]

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Casting light on the new issue of Amiga Addict

Long time Amiga Addict fans will know like to feature equal parts gaming and technology on our covers (or at least, that's the plan!). And so it was with a happy, raytraced smile that we turned our attention to one of the pieces of software that firmly placed the Amiga into the public consciousness - […]

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