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Bienvenue dans l'édition française d'Amiga Addict!

  Any Amigan worth their salt knows that the world of Amiga gaming spans the globe, with games, tech and brilliant minds coming from countries including the USA, the UK, Germany, Poland and Spain. Even far flung places like New Zealand have had their hand in the popularity of our favourite platform.   But as […]

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Celebrate Amiga's multimedia legacy with Amiga Addict

This issue, your favourite piece of media is going all multimedia! The Amiga is host to so many amazing creative packages, but Amiga Addict is taking a look at one of the most powerful. SCALA draws from all quarters of the platform's creative palette to produce everything from slideshow presentations to TV output and digital […]

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Let out a howl for the latest Amiga Addict!

It's time for another deep dive into an Amiga classic in the latest issue of Amiga Addict. This issue guest writer Graham Pembrey talks to Rick Dangerous creator Simon Phipps about his shapeshifting platformer Wolfchild. We get behind the scenes and understand why Simon moved from cartoony classics to something a bit darker and more […]

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