Welcome in the new year with Newtek!

19 January, 2023

It's a brand new year but there's still time for Amiga! This issue we're looking at the behind the scenes antics at NewTek, purveyors of such classics as the Video Toaster and DigiView. Phil South talks about what it was like to be a "Cool Friend of NewTek" back in the day.

Also in Issue 18:

🎥 The new officially licensed Tank Mouse gets a review

🎥 A look at all the games from the latest game jam

🎥 We cast our gaze over pixel perfection from 2022's Amiga Art Contest

🎥 Review of the new port of Wonderboy

🎥 A beautiful papercraft Amiga for you build with every issue!

🎥 The Joy of ARexx in The Creative Revolution

🎥 h0ffman looks at the stunning new Batman Rises demo in Demoscene

🎥 A look back at Amiga Active magazine with Andrew Korn

And much much more. On sale now and in the shops on 26th January.


NewTek Video Toaster Amiga Addict magazine 2023 Issue 18

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