The most Sensible magazine on the market!

5 March, 2023

Amiga Addict are chuffed to bits to have a Stoo Cambridge original on our front cover, the artist maestro of Sensible Software himself! Yours for the low low price of one magazine!

We've been keeping Sensible Software in our back pocket for some time (apart from our regular columns from Stoo himself!), and now it's time to look back on some of the best games on the platform.

Also this issue:

⚽ A report from "London Calling", a regular Sensi tournament
⚽ Why Mega Lo Mania is the RTS no-one ever talks about
⚽ A report from this year's Amiga Ireland convention
⚽ The history of the Guru Meditation error
⚽ A look at whether Hired Guns still holds up today
⚽ Reviews of brand new Amiga games AQUABYSS, NEONnoir and Luma
⚽ As well as all the regulars you love

Available now at and in stores on the 9th March. See you there!

Sensible Software - Amiga Addict magazine 2023 Issue 19

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