The Amiga Addict trademark is now official!

11 August, 2021

We are very excited to announce that our Amiga Addict trademark has finally been accepted and approved!

UK Amiga magazine - Amiga Addict

Back in February 2021, we applied to register our trademark with the UK Intellectual Property Office, in order to protect our brand and ensure that we could secure the rights for long-term use of the Amiga Addict name. We were also aware that we may need some protection in place, to help us if we ever had any problems with counterfeiting of our magazine issues, or use of our logo.

Although the opposition period was extended initially, ultimately there were no formal oppositions posted against our trademark, meaning the UK IPO were free to go ahead and award us this shiny new certificate:

Amiga Addict registered trademark certificate

We'd like to thank all our readers for the continued support. We are continuing to strive to make Amiga Addict magazine the best Amiga publication we can, whilst ensuring it remains impartial and promotes the entire community. OK, time to go for a game of Worms now to celebrate! Thanks all!


- The Amiga Addict team.

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