Racing for the chequered flag with the new issue of Amiga Addict

12 July, 2023

Your Amiga Addict editorial staff are used to burning rubber to get your next magazine onto the shelves, but what about the games that having gamers putting their foot down? Two absolute classics on Amiga are the Lotus and Supercars series, and that's why this issue we spoke to Shaun Southern and Andrew Morris from Magnetic Fields to find out the story behind these Welsh wonders.


Also on the starting grid for this issue:

  • On the coverdisk - an exclusive version of Scourge of the Underkind developer Wayne Ashworth's deathmatch game Renegades. Shoot each other up as your favourite AA team member!
  • Reviews of new games CyberPunks 2, Cecconoid and Flappadiddle
  • Paul tells us why he dumped his SNES and bought an Amiga instead back in the 90s
  • Iain Sell from NAG gives us the lowdown on what it's like to make an entry for a game jam
  • Gareth is back with another edition of Creative Revolution, this time looking at image manipulation tool Imagemaster RT
  • Ian gives us a look at a side of the internet you might not know - Gopher, Gemini and the 'Small Web'
  • CD32 Corner has finally returned with Andrew at the helm - and appropriate to this issue he's looking at Lotus Trilogy
  • Ravi delves deeper into the history of failed Amiga system the BoXeR
  • Classic games Walker and Super Tennis Champs
  • And all your favourite regulars!

The issue is on sale in the online store right now and in the shops on 13th July. Foot to the floor (but keep within the speed limit)!

Magnetic Fields - Issue22 Amiga Addict magazine 2023

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