Mastering the art of Amiga in the new issue of Amiga Addict!

23 April, 2023

We all know the Amiga is the computer with the creative edge, and nowhere was this made clearer than when the pop artist Andy Warhol got his hands on the very first Amiga and created some of the first professional pieces on the system. This issue, David Crookes does a deep dive into how Warhol came to use the system and how some of his art got rediscovered more recently. We even have an interview with Amiga World magazine's Guy Wright about his interview with Warhol back in the day!


Also in this issue:

🎨 We chat with one of the original Amiga designers, Ron Nicholson about the process of putting together the first Amiga

🎨 James takes a look at Castlevania fan-game Maria Renard's Revenge

🎨 Ian and Paul report back from their visits to recent user group events

🎨 AmigaBill gives us the latest on the Bifrost Heimdall Edition, making your Amiga positively glow

🎨 Paul chats with Dave Upchurch of The One Amiga

🎨 Alan looks at what AGA games are worth your time

🎨 Jonah looks at digital magazine preservation

🎨 All your regulars and much much more!


Issue 20 (yes I know!) of Amiga Addict is available to buy now through our store or at your local newagents.

Andy Warhol - Issue 20 Amiga Addict magazine

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