Issue 9 out now!

19 December, 2021

It may not be Christmas yet, but Santa is dropping copies of Amiga Addict Issue 9 on doormats everywhere right now! If you're not already a subscriber, head over to the store and get it right now!

In this issue:

  • We celebrate Alien Breed's 30th birthday - a groundbreaking game and Team17 classic!
  • From Vultures To Vampires book review.
  • Paul Bridger (The Amiga Works Documentary) and Joe Decuir (original Amiga hardware designer) interviews.
  • A look at the inner workings of the Motorola 68000 processor.
  • Retrospective look at ZERO games magazine.
  • Athanor 2 full review, in-game map and interview with Eric "Atlantis" Safar!
  • New release of OS 2.35 for Commodore CDTV

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