Issue 3 is at the printers! Get your copy ordered today

23 February, 2021

We are very pleased to announce that Amiga Addict Issue 3 is currently at the printers. You can order your copy today! We are having so much fun making this magazine, and we really hope this comes across to the readers.

This month we have added the amazing Paul Monaghan to our team, our resident vintage magazine guru. It's great to be expanding!

Issue 3 includes:

• Feature on the the new Amiga jungle scene with Aphrodite of Urban Shakedown, Pete Cannon, h0ffman, DJ Nest & Amiga Junglism

• In-depth look at the FPGA Unamiga

• Full report on Amiga Ireland going online for 2021 - how the event went and new announcements

• Paul explores the legendary multi-format magazine Games-X in a brand new feature

• Tons of game coverage from Chuck Rock 2 to Magic Pockets

• Commodore UK's legacy explored and we ask 'Could anybody save the Amiga at that point?'

• A look at the pinball wizards behind classic titles Pinball Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions

• Get your old code running in the browser with AMOS successor AOZ and François Lionet

• Stories from classic Amiga show 'World of Amiga' with Paul McNally of Amiga Action

• Our usual features - Six of the Best, Readers Letters, Demoscene, hardware & tutorials

Get your copy from the shop today!

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