Issue 2 Printed and Dispatched!

29 January, 2021

Issue 1 is still travelling across the world and into people's hands, and we have just hit Issue 2! Things are indeed moving fast. In the Amiga world, we are used to slow releases, with the legendary phrase 'Two more weeks...' being pretty much standard. We are really happy that we can stick to our monthly release schedule and get some real movement happening in this scene!

The hardest part of creating a magazine is moving onto Issue 2. We had lots of time to do Issue 1, but the second issue came in fast (or that's what it felt like anyway!). A bit of a shock to the system at Amiga Addict Towers, but we decided to pull together and make Issue 2 really shine.

All our contributors have really helped, with a few new faces we hope to see more over the coming issues. We are now planning two issues ahead and it feels like we have a good system and workflow in place.

This issue has a different feel to the first, and this is our aim with each issue of the magazine going forward. Our goal is to flip the theme every time - one issue focused on community, then one on gaming, or music, graphics, applications - as many themes as we can think of to keep things fresh and exciting. With new contributors every month with a variety of unique opinions to share, we hope we can offer something for all of our readers.

We are currently posting in phases - the response to the magazine has been truly amazing and it's a lot of work to post them all out, Jonah is working up quite a sweat! Numbers are climbing with each issue, and we expect this to keep going up as the word gets out there. So please be patient even if you're still waiting for Issue 1 - the majority of people have got them, but it all depends on your local postal service, which have been under a lot of pressure is some parts of the world over the Christmas period.

Anyway, I'd better get back to working on the next exciting issue! Thanks again for reading Amiga Addict, and long may we enjoy this adventure together.

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