Issue 15 is something to write home about

23 October, 2022

The Amiga was a prime breeding ground for quality productivity software, and most of this came in from the US and Canada, and occasionally from Europe. But there was one company in the south of England pumping out quality office software for all those of us slaving away at our school work in our home offices. Digita International, the minds behind Wordworth and other packages, lit up the Amiga scene from their base in Exmouth. This issue we have a chat with the leading lights behind some of the Amiga's best office software.

Also this issue:

✍ A full review of new game Black Dawn Technomage

✍ Gareth does a deep dive on Vista Pro animation

✍ Previews of upcoming games Scourge of the Underkind, Guardian - The Legend of Flaming Sword and CyberPunks 2

✍ A chat with Prince from Phaze101 about Amiga assembly

✍ h0ffman looks into new demo releases

✍ A look back at The Secret of Monkey Island before the next game in the series

✍ And much much more!

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Digita International (Wordworth) - Amiga Addict magazine Issue 15 - 2022

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