Issue 14 on the shelves...

19 August, 2022

It's time for another look at a classic games company from back in the day, as magazine regular Matthew Smith takes a look at Tomb Raider originators Core Design. Talking with a host of ex-employees and stepping through their catalogue, this is an article fans won't want to miss!

Also in this issue:

  • Review of rediscovered game Riamel: Black Prophecy
  • Review of new title Duckstroma
  • A look back of all the modern Amiga games pre-Amiga Addict
  • Gold Standard: Public Domain Special
  • Review of new book Demoscene: The AGA Years
  • Interview with Amiga Power scribe Tim Tucker
  • Writing a novel using an Amiga
  • Learn to program in C with our new tutorial
  • Six of the Best with AmigaBill
  • Demoscene looks at Amiga music disks
  • And much more!

The magazine is available in stores right now, or order it from our shop as usual.

Core Design Amiga Addict magazine Issue 14

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