Issue 13 now available in stores!

1 July, 2022

Here at Amiga Addict, we love the techy side of our systems just as much as our games. That why this month, our cover article features all sorts of sexy boards and chips as Andrew looks into the best accelerators (past and present) you can pick up for your A1200! The magazine is winging its way to our subs and is going onto shop shelves right now.

Also in this issue:

  • A digital coverdisk from our friend h0ffman, with an AA exclusive endless version of his MSX port Knightmare. You can't get this anywhere else!
  • We speak to some of the big names in modern Amiga development about their current projects
  • The Demoscene section returns with h0ffman at the helm!
  • We interview ex-CU Amiga legend Tony Horgan
  • The first mods for the TheA500 Mini
  • A look at the AmiGameJam and Amiga Art Contest results
  • Ravi gets morphin' with his MorphOS feature
  • Deeper into DPaint with the Creative Revolution feature

And much more!

Amiga Addict magazine Issue 13 Accelerators

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