Issue 10 is now available for preorder!

6 February, 2022

Welcome to 2022 from the whole team at Amiga Addict! We've got so many plans for this year! No rest for the wicked though - it's time for another new issue of your favourite Amiga magazine. And you'll be happy to know that it's rolling through the printing presses right now, ready to be shipped to your waiting hands. If you buy your copies one at a time, or your subscription has run out, head over to the store to get your copy now!

In this issue:

  • Remember the joy of Christmas with our seven page feature about those classic Amiga festive magazines
  • Bean Vs The Animator full review
  • A look at the brand new Lemmings documentary
  • Modern joystick roundup and review
  • Interview with earok about the popular Scorpion Engine
  • Tsunami 1230 accelerator review
  • Interview with David Dunklee (creator of the Amiga 1000 Parceiro addon)
  • The Creative Revolution: Art Department Pro
  • And much more!


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