Happy Birthday CD32!

27 September, 2023

It's interesting that in the modern day, some devices have come to be seen in a much more favourable light, years after release. Take the CD32 - today, it's somewhat respected as a great retro device - especially when upgraded with a modern card like the Terrible Fire 330. So on it's 30th anniversary, we are taking a look at the powerful 32-bit console in full, it's history, design and what people really thought about it back in the day, good and bad!

We know people really enjoy our coverdisks, and it seemed a shame not to take the opportunity to do something a bit special for this issue. So we're proud to announce our fully downloadable CD32 coverdisc - download it, burn it to disc for your real hardware console, or pop it in an emulator and play all the great content we've got for you! Thanks to our friends at Revolution Software, we have the fully voice-acted version of Beneath a Steel Sky for you to play, as well as other games like a special AA version of Rogue Declan Zero (reviewed this issue), the Hamulet demo and others!

Also in Issue 24:

  • Frank Gasking picks out a few CD32 games that never made it to the console
  • Matt Smith takes a look at CD32 classic Guardian
  • Andrew takes a look at key CD32 upgrade, the Terrible Fire 330
  • Find your way to shoot 'em up glory with our full Cecconoid map
  • Reviews of new games Rogue Declan Zero and the Tenebra series
  • The final part of our interview with the guys from the Amigos podcast
  • A look at the new GoDrive floppy switcher device
  • And much more!

Available now online in our shop, or in stores from 5th October.

Amiga CD32 console 30th birthday - Amiga Addict magazine - Issue24 2023

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