Casting light on the new issue of Amiga Addict

17 August, 2023

Long time Amiga Addict fans will know like to feature equal parts gaming and technology on our covers (or at least, that's the plan!). And so it was with a happy, raytraced smile that we turned our attention to one of the pieces of software that firmly placed the Amiga into the public consciousness - LightWave 3D. This exquisite piece of 3D rendering software not only has close ties with the hardware that put Amigas in TV studios across the world, the Video Toaster, but it also has links into Hollywood too. Quite a achievement! So let the author of our Creative Revolution articles, Gareth Qually, take you through the history of the software with a few words from people who are still using it to this day. And yes, the cover is Gareth's work too!

Also in Issue 23:

🎥 James chats to the guys at Badger Punch Games about the amazing looking Roguecraft
🎥 Ravi rounds up his look at the BoXeR
🎥 We chat to Amiga podcasting stars John, Aaron and Brent from the Amigos
🎥 We look at classic Amiga games like The Blues Brothers and Alien Breed II
🎥 Ian reports back from the fun and excitement at Kickstart 01
🎥 The very first part of our AMOS programming tutorial
🎥 A look at an Amiga mag from Australia
🎥 And much more!

You know what to do by now, head over the or hit the stores on the 24th August!

LightWave 3D - Amiga Addict magazine 2023 - Issue23

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