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Casting light on the new issue of Amiga Addict

Long time Amiga Addict fans will know like to feature equal parts gaming and technology on our covers (or at least, that's the plan!). And so it was with a happy, raytraced smile that we turned our attention to one of the pieces of software that firmly placed the Amiga into the public consciousness - […]

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Racing for the chequered flag with the new issue of Amiga Addict

Your Amiga Addict editorial staff are used to burning rubber to get your next magazine onto the shelves, but what about the games that having gamers putting their foot down? Two absolute classics on Amiga are the Lotus and Supercars series, and that's why this issue we spoke to Shaun Southern and Andrew Morris from […]

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Amiga is alive and Kicking in the UK this issue!

Over recent years, we've been sat in our dark, rainy little fiefdoms in the UK gazing with envious eyes as mega-events like Amiga Germany blow people's minds beyond our borders. But you may already be aware that our Community Editor Ravi Abbott has been hard at work putting together another marvel of modern Miggyhood. In […]

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