AA Issue 16 is an Amiga adventure

23 October, 2022

Every day working on Amiga Addict is an adventure (on without much sleep!), but the Amiga was around for the early days of the point-and-click genre, the chef's kiss of adventure games. And you can't really talk about that genre without referencing a certain Star Wars-related company. You might forget that they did more than just making SCUMM float to the top too! This issue we look at the gem that is Lucasfilm Games.

This issue is packed (although aren't they all?). Just look what we've got:

💾 A new Amiga laptop solution for taking your love of the Miggy out and about!
💾 Ben Vost was one of Amiga Format's most passionate and dedicated editors - he was also the last! We catch up with Ben in an exclusive interview.
💾 3D rendering magician Paul Kitching captures our eyes and our hearts with his amazing scenes.
💾 Classic Amiga gaming with reviews and articles on DreamWeb, Sink Or Swim, Stardust and Lemmings 2 The Tribes.
💾 The Hollywood programming language and suite reached Version 9 and Ravi sees what he can create!
💾 Get your WHDLoad game emulation rig working properly with our setup tutorial.
💾 PLAY Expo Blackpool show report.
💾 Ziphoid from AmigaRemix joins us to discuss the Amiga's answer to game music site OCRemix.
💾 We go in depth with one of the best image processing systems on the Amiga, ImageFX.
💾 Our brand new regular section on UK user groups.
💾 All our usual regulars - demoscene, news, letters and Sensible Stoo with his latest take on something classic.

💾 Plus lots lots more..!

You know what to do - get down to the shops on 3rd November or head to https://shop.amiga-addict.com right now to secure your copy while you still can!


Lucasfilm Games Issue 16 Amiga Addict magazine 2022

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