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Issue 14 on the shelves...

It's time for another look at a classic games company from back in the day, as magazine regular Matthew Smith takes a look at Tomb Raider originators Core Design. Talking with a host of ex-employees and stepping through their catalogue, this is an article fans won't want to miss! Also in this issue: Review of […]

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Issue 13 now available in stores!

Here at Amiga Addict, we love the techy side of our systems just as much as our games. That why this month, our cover article features all sorts of sexy boards and chips as Andrew looks into the best accelerators (past and present) you can pick up for your A1200! The magazine is winging its […]

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Issue 12 is now available to order!

Lots of us at Amiga Addict are avid lovers of the point-and-click genre, and what better place to play them on your favourite Commodore Amiga? This month we sought out the minds behind two of the best adventures on the platform, Beneath a Steel Sky and Lure of the Temptress. Revolution Software (who went on […]

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