Frequently asked questions

About Amiga Addict

How big is Amiga Addict?

Currently each issue is 56 pages. This is based on how much we can realistically produce every month, but mostly how much we can fit in an envelope without going over the weight limit and having to charge you more postage!

How often does Amiga Addict come out?

Amiga Addict is a monthly magazine, and it’s our aim to release a new issue in that kind of timeframe. We are, however, a small dedicated team working on this in our free time, so there’s a chance issues may be less frequent at times if content delays occur.

I want to chat to the AA team and other readers. Where can I do this?

We already have a great community and it’s sure to get better with each issue. Join
our Discord to start the conversation.

Will you ever have a coverdisk?

Never say never, but we are a small team, and we have to focus on getting the mag delivered to a professional standard and with a quality of writing that is expected from us. We simply don’t have the time to compile an ADF, check the software is legal and get agreements from developers to share their software. Maybe if somebody in the future joins the team as a disk compiler it could be a possibility, but it’s not our priority currently. And if you want a physical double-density disk monthly, then you’ll have to hook us up with 1000+ disks once a month, and they aren’t made anymore!

I sent you an e-mail and you haven't replied yet!

We'll aim to answer your e-mails as soon as we can, but please remember we're a small team that work on the magazine in our spare time - we all have day jobs. We still try and address everything within a couple of days, but please be patient, especially around print time for each issue when we're super busy. We'll get to you!


How can I find out when the next issue goes on sale?

Of course, if you want to make sure you’re the first to get a copy, subscription is the way to go! But if you are looking for the next issue, we will always announce it on the site, on Twitter, and on our Discord first. We also have a mailing list if that's your cup of tea (account required).

Does it matter when I buy the issue? Are they printed to order?

We have to order copies from the printers in bulk, like any publication. As we are a small magazine, we have to estimate at the start of the month how many issues we’re going to sell, based on current subscribers and single issues sales from previous months. While we try and get enough to provide capacity for back issues, if we have a particularly popular issue, there’s a chance we will run out. So get in quickly if you don’t want to be disappointed!

How do I start a subscription?

Subscriptions are treated as just another purchase option for the magazine. Go to the Amiga Addict store page for the current issue, and the dropdown for your purchase options will allow you to select a 6 or 12 month subscription.

Which issue will my subscription start from?

Subscriptions always start from the current issue (dependent on stock), so if you already have that issue, we suggest you wait for the next issue to go on sale before starting your sub, so you don’t get any duplicates! We get a lot of orders (fortunately!), so we don’t get time to check every subscription against the database as it comes in.

I want to renew my subscription. How do I go about that?

A renewal is just treated as another purchase, so when a new issue you don’t have goes on sale, head to the store and purchase that issue with the subscription option.

I want to subscribe monthly via Direct Debit. Is this something you support?

Absolutely. Just select the subscription you want, and select ‘Bank Transfer’ as the payment option. You’ll then be given a link to create your Direct Debit.

I want to share the love. Can I gift Amiga Addict to someone else?

If you're feeling generous, then we provide a gift certificate option to allow you to gift the magazine to someone else. Head to our gift certificate page and you can enter a certificate value and a recipient. Note that you will need an account to do this (and they will need to create one to accept). Thanks!

Do I have to create an account to order?

Unfortunately our digital delivery system needs customers to be registered in order to work correctly. Since we’re only a modest operation, we have to keep it as simple as possible - every additional type of order makes more work for our poor beleaguered editor! So at the moment we do ask that you create an account when you order.


How long before my digital copy appears in my account?

The digital system is a manual one at present, so we can't guarantee an instant response. Don't worry though, we try and get this to you as soon as possible, so it shouldn't take more than a day or so before you're reading your mag!

My order has been at 'Shipping Preparation Started' for ages. Please send my magazine!

Don't worry - 'Shipping Preparation Started' is the final status in our system. Rest assured if your magazine has gone in a envelope, it will have been taken down to the post office soon after and is on it's way to you right now!

My magazine hasn't arrived, is it lost in the post?

In the UK:
Amiga Addict is shipped by 2nd class post in the UK. It should be with you three working days after we pop it in at the post office, but if you don't have your magazine after 13 days, please drop us a line at with your order number and we'll claim with Royal Mail and send you a replacement. Please let us know within 80 days or we can't claim though!

Outside the UK:
Amiga Addict uses Royal Mail's International Economy post service for all overseas deliveries, to keep the costs down for our readers. Depending on where you're located, magazines may take more time to arrive, or sometimes can be delayed. Please see Royal Mail's delivery aims here for an idea of how long you may have to wait:

If your magazine hasn't arrived within the above delivery aim for your location, please contact us at with your order number. We are able to claim for a replacement magazine to be sent out - however we are only able to do this after the delivery aim has passed plus an additional 25 days. You need to let us know within six months though, or there's nothing we can do!

Why do you use paper envelopes for shipping? Can’t you use a plastic/polywrap like I’ve seen some other magazines use?

We use the lightest packaging so we can to maximise the amount of magazine we can give you without charging more for postage. Although we do use slightly thicker paper envelopes to offer the mag a little more protection. Plastic waste is a huge problem in modern society, and we are trying to keep our packaging as recyclable as possible - many other magazines are now starting to move over to paper packaging so we’re in good company! We will, of course, keep an eye on any shipping problems and make changes if we need to.

Advertising and Press

How do I advertise in Amiga Addict?

There’s details of our advertising rates here. Please send a mail to and Hannah will be happy to help you with your request.

I have a press release about my shiny new Amiga product. Can I send it to you?

By all means! We want to know and we want to write about it. Send your press release to

Getting involved

Do you accept contributions to Amiga Addict?

Of course! We are a community magazine and that means some of our magazine will always be written by the community. As with any magazine, any submission will need to be agreed with the editors, and will go through the same editing process as any of the articles by our lead writers, but we welcome anything you might want to contribute. After all, we’re not experts in everything! Send your ideas and submissions to

I want to become a regular writer for Amiga Addict. How do I apply?

While our core team is set at present, feel free to contact us on Discord or at - we’re always happy to chat about new ideas for the magazine.

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